Show History 2021-2022

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022
theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall, 5-27 August

One of ‘Ten To See’ in Edinburgh Festival Fringe Musical Theatre Preview

“This is a uniquely candid autobiographical work that merited a special mention from MTR at last year’s Festival. Having time to develop and bringing in Julia Stubbs as director can only be welcomed as Mark Glentworth has a fine tale to tell.”

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“polished performance… Since the short run of this show last year, a part of my memory was still wrapped up in this story…. Welcome back to Edinburgh!”

Musical Theatre Review

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“Glentworth is a talented composer and this shines through… It’s a beautiful tale of hope and mental health struggles.”

LOST IN Theatreland

“Glentworth has a lovely, rustic voice and his lyrics are deep and meaningful… A story discussing important and relevant themes”

Theatre Travels

Recommended in ThreeWeeks Edinburgh Festival Preview Guide

“If you attended Fringe 2021, you might have been lucky enough to catch ‘Seven And A Half Years’, acclaimed musician and composer Mark Glentworth’s autobiographical one man musical. If you didn’t, you’re in luck, because he’s back this year for a full run at theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall…”

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In Seven and a half Years, Mark Glentworth takes the audience on a journey to the depths of human adversity and back to a life-affirming conclusion. He presents his own story with powerful acting and singing while deftly accompanying himself on the piano. I left the theatre with hope that the most difficult problem can be overcome. This show is a tour de force, a must-see. Do yourself a favour, it makes life worth living.

This was an amazing show with such a personal and beautiful story. The music was perfect for telling the story and you could feel the raw emotion in Mark’s singing. Touches on some topics such as mental health that are too frequently dismissed in today’s society. Beautiful story and performance. 10/10.

Wonderfully evocative, thoughtfully constructed and well presented on the night. This story of a man’s struggle with his inner demons should teach us all something about the human condition. We felt the power of this personal story and were moved by it. Thank you.

Absolutely brilliant and tear-jerking piece of musical theatre that deserves way more plaudits. Mark tells the story of his life in a unique, spellbinding and emotional way with perfect vocals and piano playing. Couldn’t recommend it enough!

Chelmsford Fringe Festival 2022
The Garrison, 7-9 July

London 2022
Jack Studio Theatre, 7-12 June


“Glentworth rises to the challenge of the role magnificently… Directed by Julia Stubbs this is a moving piece of theatre.”


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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021
Nicolson Square, 17-28 August


“a highly unusual biographical piece of musical theatre that is genuinely touching whilst avoiding being sentimental. Very strong musically and technically.”

Musical Theatre Review’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe Awards

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“This is a biographical work like nothing else I have ever seen. Mark Glentworth was a successful musician, working as an associate of Steven Berkoff for many years, creating the scores for some of his most celebrated work such as Metamorphosis and Coriolanus. A master craftsman of a truly high pedigree, fulfilling his potential.”

Musical Theatre Review

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