Show History 2023

Etcetera Theatre
28-30 December

“Mark Glentworth is an accomplished musician. That is in no way up for debate. And the former child percussion prodigy’s one-man musical allows him to display his skills as a singer, drummer, pianist and composer to full effect… It’s a harrowing history, and the path he’s travelled—from recluse who wants nothing more than to be invisible to performer putting it all out for the world to see—inspiring… Director Julia Stubbs’ staging is effectively simple: a few instruments scattered across the stage do most of the work, a tiny treadmill is put to fantastic use… if you want to see a musician use his craft to turn a light on himself, SEVEN and a half YEARS certainly delivers”

London Pub Theatres

“Mark Glentworth’s SEVEN and a Half YEARS is a one-hour, one-man show in which the writer/performer mines his experience of a devastating period of depression which left him a recluse… nimbly directed by Julia Stubbs”

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“An autobiographical musical depicting depression from an honest place… The strength of the play lies in its courageous portrayal of Mark’s battle with depression, a central and formidable character in its own right… The play captures the essence of depression with unflinching honesty, depicting the toll it takes on sleep, nutrition, and social interactions, resonating deeply with those who have faced similar struggles or witnessed the impact on loved ones… This musical stands as a courageous portrayal of a real person’s battle with depression, shedding light on a topic often shrouded in stigma.”

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Applecart Arts
14-16 September

Mark Glentworth’s OffFest-nominated musical returns to London Theatre News

Buxton Festival Fringe
Rotunda Theatre, 17-19 July

“It’s a brave undertaking and Mark Glentworth is to be commended for his courage in putting his experiences on stage… one cannot fail to respect the truthfulness and sincerity of his story, played out in such a public arena.”

Buxton Fringe

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Greater Manchester Fringe
Salford Arts Theatre, 14-15 July

“It’s not very often you can say you saw something that really was that bit different… ‘Seven And A Half Years’ is not just unusual but an intensely personal piece that is both real and relevant… Mark Glentworth used music to progress the story but through fully crafted songs which were sophisticated and worthy of being performed by themselves… ‘Seven And A Half Years’ was a wonderfully creative piece that never slacked in pace using a variety of genres as a showcase for the multi-talents of the solo performer. It was something more however; a story that the performer felt he needed to tell and one that certainly deserved to be told.”

Reviewer Number 9

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“Glentworth is clearly an outstanding musician, and the music in the show – which switches seamlessly from prerecorded tracks to live piano and back again – is testament to his talent… this is a really good piece of storytelling, and is well worth watching.”

North West End UK

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“Glentworth is a superb musician, and the score is complex and demanding.”

British Theatre Guide

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Bitesize Festival
Riverside Studios, 7-9 July

the script is well structured and tightly paced… Julia Stubbs, as director, has helped Glentworth to shape a fine acting performance… There is a strength in not only what this man overcame, but in his willingness to so openly explore it before a room full of strangers time and time again…. the raw material is strong and sophisticated, and work exploring the complicated human mind and what we are capable of overcoming is always a welcome addition to the theatrical canon.

All That Dazzles

Alma Tavern and Theatre, Bristol
27-29 June

Glentworth creates an impressive drama through the music… The struggle behind the beauty of the music we hear, making this an intriguing piece of work.

Backstage Bristol

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Indie Summer Festival
Etcetera Theatre, 14-15 & 18 June

Brighton Fringe
Rotunda Theatre: BUBBLE, 20-21 May

Hastings Fringe
Stables Theatre & Arts Centre, 8 April

Julia Stubbs, the director of SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS, an autobiographical musical by Mark Glentworth, explains how it came about.  

Hastings Independent Press

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